Canon MG3220

Canon MG 3220 Wireless Printer Setup Mac

Begin from the fixed with in Wi-Fi set up, canon MG 3220 inkjet allowed us to taking Print easily,   fussily and scanning fairly everywhere in our slandered place wireless.

When the fixed compared also allows us to take Print, certainly wireless from I Phone and I pad with almost no set up.

Even we can expect the convenience of replacement cartridges and adding all the paper from the front of the printer takes to fast font, we still to have without border pictures print at home up to 8.5″×11″ in size with the maximum print color changes of up 488001200 dpi that’s not to mention the comfort and quality of Canon FINE ink cartridges.

MG 3220 will print documents and web pages with the highest quality text and attractive color while the fixed and Auto Duplex Printing feature also lets we automatically write bilateral of the paper and this can help decrease paper usage by up to 550%

If we want to take print from the web, easy web print Ex. compelling allows us to collect and combine multiple web pages with ease to create and issue according to our layout.

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  • First of all, when we will open its packing and open this seal is carefully after that we will inspect it all separate parts. If any part is not in packing or there is any damage, then we can complain to the company and then we can return or replace the packing and even if there is no seal, we can still complain.
  • After this, if there is no defect in the packing, then we will read the instruction sheet and set its parts which are given by the company.
  • Then connect the printer’s power supply wire and connect with the printer’s power socket.
  • After that we are save the printer language, country/Location, time and date for future use.
  • Then open the input tray and put, paper in it. All the papers should be applied properly at the right place so that the print does not get interrupted.
  • Now we will place the color cartridges according to their place are carefully.
  • If it is not in packing, buy
  • After the putting cardigans, we fill color tank with color bottles.
  • Colors are filled according to his place or sign.
  • The color should always be filled by carefully looking at the upper and lower levels of the printer. Otherwise the printer can be damaged.
  • After this we will power supply ton take print. And printer will indicate initial process, after initial process is over, printer gets ready to print.

Apart from this, we can also take the print by connecting the printer to personal computer and laptop. To connect to personal computer we will put the drive in a laptop or computer and install a driver from Google for printer set up .after the printer set up we can be take print from computer or Laptop. There are many more ways we can connect a printer with computer and Laptop which is given below: – For Example:

  1. Data cable
  2. Wi-Fi
  3. Bluetooth


After switch on the power button we will connect to PS/2 Cable with USB port of the printer and other side connect to the PC or Laptop .And install the printer driver from control panel or Google .after this quick set up can easily take print by the Data Cable and we can be save our time and money.


First of all ,switch on the power button and go to main menu on the printer and click on the network option .after this open a dialogue box, in which login by enter the ID and Password .

Then go to Select Access Point will do Scan network and after the enter password in PSK printer will connect to PC by the Wi-Fi.


After connecting the data cable with data OTG, the OTG will be connected to the mobile as a charging device. Then install the printer sharing app in your phone after this printer will be connect to the PC and we can take print.