How to Add Epson Wireless Printer Setup Mac OS

How to Add Epson Wireless Printer Setup Mac OS

Epson Wireless Printer Setup Mac : Epson printer is one of the most popular brand and well respected names in printers, and for good reason. It’s products are rightly praise for their build and print quality. Epson comes with wireless connectivity you no need to use USB cable to connect to mac. How to connect How to link Epson Wireless Printer Setup Mac Operating System.

Epson setup wireless printer mac

How to Epson Wireless Printer Setup Mac OS

Your Epson printer needs to be set up with a WiFi connection before it can be set up with Mac operating system. If you need to set up the Epson printer to WiFi, just follow the simple steps given below to Epson WiFi Setup on Mac.

Step by Step Guide to Set up Epson Wireless Printer to WiFi Mac

First we need to connect Epson printer to WiFi network of your home or office. Make sure you are using same network on both devices.

  • First turn ON on your Printer.
  • On the display panel of the printer, go to settings —–> select Network settings
  • Click on WiFi setup —-> Choose WiFi (Recommended)
  • Now, Click on WiFi setup wizard —–> Select WiFi name you want to connect to printer.
  • Enter WiFi password —>After that you have setup Epson wireless printer to WiFi.

Epson Connect Printer Setup Cannot Find Printer Mac

Make sure you have installed Epson printer driver on mac, if not you can download it from the official site of Epson. After installing the software/driver and completed the all steps of the installation. Now follow the steps to add Epson printer on mac.

  1. Turn on the Mac book
  2. Go to Apple Menu —-> Select System Preferences
  3. In the system preferences you can see printer & scanners select it.
  4. In the Printer & Scanners —–> on the left side click on + sign to add your printer.
  5. After selecting your printer name, Epson printer is now successfully connected to mac laptop. Now you can Test print by loading pages in the printer.

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