Hp envy 5530 Wireless Printer Setup on Mac Wifi

 How to setup Hp envy 5530 Wireless Printer on Mac wifi

connect printer to wifi

how to connect printer to wifi

You can come across various issues while using a mac laptop, it’s absolutely fine. My team will be helping you out with everything. Don’t worry about this we’ll help you in every possible way.

Hp envy 5530:-

  • Accumulate time and paper with involuntary two-sided printing.
  • Analyzing and print photos from the color touchscreen.
  • Print wireless from virtually anyplace.

Steps to Setup Hp envy 5530 Wireless Printer on Mac Wifi

  1. First connect your HP printer to Mac by (Ethernet/Wireless).
  2. Ensure that you have connected the printer and Mac on the same internet connection by using USB cable.
  3. Now Turn on the printer and all the intial setup process is over on your printer.
  4. After that to get the printer driver software for your HP model go to the browser and navigate 123.hp.com/setup site.
  5. Press the download button to get the HP easy start guide software in your Mac.
  6. Then, remove all the HP start files and accept all the terms and conditions.
  7. Now press continue button to open files in your Mac.
  8. In the list the connected printer name will be available and select your printer name in the devices.
  9. In case not detected by the easy start, then ensure that your printer is turned on and connected via USB cable or wireless connection definitely.
  10. After selecting the device, click on continue button to begin.
  11. Select any one option i.e, (Ethernet/Wireless)
  12. Reply to all the on-screen questions to move ahead to the further printer software fixing arrangement
  13. Next, select all your install options and press the install button.
  14. After the installation, press on continue button and your HP printer is now connected to Mac.

HP makes every printer a versatile device which performs various functions such as printing, scanning and copying. It saves space on your desktop and makes work simpler and make printing, copying and scanning easier than ever. Besides being perfect for offices, home offices or home use, HP printers are suitable for micro businesses that require all these functions rolled out into one device.

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