How to Set Up Your Lexmark Printer on Mac OS X Lion

How to Set Up Your Lexmark Printer on Mac OS X Lion

Lexmark was shaped on March 27, 1991 when speculation firm Clayton and Duvalier finished an utilized buyout of IBM Information Products Corporation, the , typewriter, and console tasks of IBM. Lexmark turned into a traded on an open market organization on the Stock Exchange on November 15, 1995.


Lexmark is a production company. It produces many other devices with printers. If we look at the specialty of Lexmark, it is an amazing technique.

Lexmark head office in the likisntan and its owner “Kentki”.

  • This printing technology is different from all companies. Lexmark gives us different results from the rest of the technology. It gives very good results in very less time and less expense.
  • After opening the packing of Lexmark printer, we have to keep some things in mind, which are given below.
  • Before opening its packing, see if the box is closed in the same manner as the
  • If there is some difference in its packing, then we must act
  • After opening the packing, we should check all the seals thoroughly and before or after opening the seal, if we find any part of the printer broken or no part in
  • Then we should complain to the company so that
  • We could replace the printer or ask for a new printer from the company.
  • We will set the two color cartridges that come with the printer in their
  • After putting the boxes in place, we will fill the bottoms that come with the bottom and top levels in them and after this, we will supply power to take out the print, and then the first print will give the mandate. After that printer will be ready to give fantastic print and now our printer is ready to print.
  • After opening the packing, when our printer is correct, we can attach it to any of our laptops or computer laptops.

  • First we will choose the Apple icon from the menu bar and then update the software and check for the updated Apple server that has a printer driver inserted
  • Now we will go to the software update list and then choose Lexmark driver
  • After reaching here, we will click on the install button and the driver will be automatically installed on the Apple Mac and
  • After downloading a dialog box will open, and print will be attached to our system and now we can able to take print from our laptop our computer.